La rara pergamena tratta dal Corano contiene l'āyat  (versetto) 16-18 of the sūrat ul-Qaṣaṣ  (XXVIII, "The Tale"), of which the first 4 words at the beginning of verse 16 are missing, and only the first few words of verse 18 are present. The diacritical points are missing, the vowel signs have been marked with red dots. A small gold ring separates the āyat. The text appears to be lighter on the recto of the parchment.
Text on the recto:
 نفسی فاغفرلی فغفر له انه هو الغفور الرحيم (١٦) قال رب بما

"He said: "Lord, I wronged myself, forgive me”. He forgave, He is the Forgiver, the Merciful. 17. He said: “My Lord, thanks to the ... "
The text on the verse:
انعمت علیّ فلن اکون ظهيرًا للمجرمين (١٧) فاصبح فی المدينة خائفًا

"favours you have lavished upon me, I shall never be an ally of the wicked".
18. The following day he was in the city, fearful and e cautious, …"