This Shiite roll is of considerable artistic value and defined by a gold, red and black frame, which encloses geometric and plant decorations on a gold background. Many frames and scroll ornaments contain Koranic verses. Large scroll ornaments featuring plant, geometric and calligraphic drawings are marked out in such a way as to present the text of the Koran: the trunk, leaves and small branches of the various trees illustrated are filled with the words of God. Large letters, in thulūth writing are traced out in such a way they present the Koranic sūre inside them. The roll thus takes on artistic and textual importance as the entire Koranic text has been inscribed within a limited space. No less important is the Shiite inspiration to the mention and praise to the twenty imām of tradition: imām 'Alī, imām Hasan, imām Husayn, imām Sajjād (Zayn al-'Ābidīn), imām Bāqir, imām Sādiq, imām Kāzim, imām Ridā, imām Taqī, imām Naqī, imām 'Askarī e imām Mahdī. In the opening there is the miniated drawing in gold of a Shiite mosque with two towers either side and three pink cupolas in the centre bears the inscription:

لا فتی الّا عَلِی و لا سَيف الّا ذو الفقار

"There is no (better) youngster than 'Alī and no (better) sword than Ẕū l-fiqār".

The text closes with the date 1217 H (1802-1803 A.D.).