This small Koran manuscript is elegantly decorated and adorned with two illuminated, double page frontispieces. The origin of the codex is uncertain, however it can be presumed it is of Indian matrix. The arrangement of the text is full page in a calligraphic naskh charater, minute and vocalised. The codex is entirely decorated with a band of gilded plant motifs outside the frame containing the text. Two magnificent, double page illuminated frontispieces (cc. 1v-2r, 349v-350r) and one half-page (c. 2v) are decorated with minute gold and blue decorations. The frame is enriched inside with plant type ornamental motifs. The signature of the copyist can be read c. 350v, and the date of production: Ghulām Rasūl Khān, year 1131 H (1718-1719 A.D.). At c. 1r there are two round red stamps of two owners with an illegible inscription. The same stamps appear again at c. 350v and the date 1301 H\1883-1884 can be made out in the largest of them. Usual incipit (c. 1v) and explicit (c. 350r). The binding with the flap is entirely covered in light brown leather. A small border frame has been dry engraved on the plates.