Andrea Filippi was born in Forlì in 1965.
After attending a course at the Royal Holloway University in London, and attaining a diploma in “Asian Art – Islamic Course” at the British Museum with a thesis entitled “Analysis of the word and image in Islamic Manuscripts: book and image in the development of a culture”, he founded Ethnologica in the year 2000, an antiques gallery specialising in Oriental, Islamic and Indian Art.

• collaborated with the exhibition "Il Castello del Generale. Territori e Personaggi al tempo di Raimondo Montecuccoli 1609-1680" from 25thJuly to 31st October 2009, by lending several works of art. The event was organised by Pavullo Town Council (Modena) to commemorate the 4th centenary of the birth of General Montecuccoli, brave leader who defeated the Turks in the battle of Raab, in Hungary, averting the advance of Islam in Europe.
• participated at the 5th BRUSSELS ORIENTAL ART FAIR, B.O.A.F., from 3rd to 7th June, as exhibitor. This event is an important European appointment for art dealers, collectors, museum curators and scholars of Antique Eastern Art.

• exhibited at the 21st Mostra d’Alto Antiquariato Modenantiquaria from 16th to 24th February, one of the most important, most prestigious sectorial exhibitions on the national scene.
• took part at the Biennial International Antiques Exhibition - Gotha - in Parma from 8th to 16th November as an exhibitor. In order to guarantee the exhibitors’ professionalism, a Scientific Committee formed of twenty or so scholars, specialists, art historians and critics of international fame carefully assessed and verified the authenticity and origin of the pieces exhibited.
• 4th December, official invitation to the inauguration of Oriental Art Museum – MAO - in Turin.
Mayor Sergio Chiamparino, President of the Fondazione Torino Musei, Giovanna Cattaneo Incisa, Chairman of the Compagnia di San Paolo, Angelo Benassi, Director of the MAO Museum, Franco Ricca and the General Curator of the Musée Cernuschi in Paris spoke at the event.

• February: Bologna University, Asian and African Languages and Culture, included Ethnologica as a host company in the Curricular Training Program.
• 17th – 25th February: exhibited at the XXI Mostra d’Alto Antiquariato – Modenantiquaria.
• 26th April: took part as lecturer in a university session entitled “L’Arte Islamica tra Persia e India” at Bologna University, Linguistic and Oriental Studies Department.

• 19th May – 20th June: the gallery loaned a number of its pieces to the Silvano Zanatta exhibition “La Mezzaluna Fertile. Sulla Via della Seta” held in Palazzo Alberini, in Forlì. The exhibition, layout and catalogue were curated by art critic Professor Dall’Ara, historian A. Mantellini and journalist R. Ricci.
• May – December: Dottoressa Orazgozel Machaeva, already cataloguist of Turkish and Arabic manuscripts of the "Fondo Marsigli", University Library in Bologna, analysed and studied a number of codexes belonging to Ethnologica.

• published the catalogue “India: Eterno Presente. Seduzioni artistiche tra Persia e India”, with the collaboration of Professors Grossato and Pistoso.
January, registered on the Roll of Official Technical Consultants of Forlì, Oriental Antiques Roll, civil and criminal section.
• 20th April: lectured during the university session entitled “Islamic and Persian Manuscripts in the Ethnologica Collection. New purchases.”, held at the Oriental Studies Faculty in Bologna.
• August: scientific commission of the Museum of Oriental Art in Turin, represented by Professor Ricca and Dott.ssa Cattaneo Incisa, Chairwoman of the Fondazione Torino Musei, approved the purchase of a Persian codex, “Kulliyat”, belonging to Ethnologica.

• collaborated with the Fondazione Giorgio Cini and Fondazione Teatro La Fenice in Venice and exhibited a number of works at the exhibition entitled “Il Mito della Fenice in Oriente e in Occidente” (The Legend of the Phoenix in East and West). The catalogue, published by Marsilio, was curated by Professors Zambon and Grossato.
• 14th April: lectured during the university session entitled “Islamic and Persian Manuscripts in the Ethnologica Collection”, at the Faculty of Oriental Studies in Bologna.
• 9th July to 4th September, loaned works to and collaborated with the “Africa Nera. Forme e Sculture” (Black Africa. Shapes and Sculptures) exhibition, promoted by Cesena and Cesenatico Town Council Department for Culture, with the collaboration of the Town Council Department for Culture of the Province of Forlì-Cesena.

• the scientific commission of the Museo Interreligioso in Bertinoro (FC), represented by Professor Branca of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, approved the purchase of some rare objects of Islamic culture, amongst which a valuable 18th century Koran manuscript featuring an interlinear translation in Persian.
• May: loaned works for the exhibition entitled “Tesori dei Maharaja” (Treasures of the Maharajah), organised in Freschi di Cordovado. The exhibition was opened by H.H. Arvind Singh Mewar, Maharana of Udaipur, India.
• December: exhibited pieces at the VII Mostra Internazionale d'Antiquariato Gotha in Parma.

• 27th to 30th March: exhibited at the “Art of Pacific Asia Show”, in the Gramercy Park Armory of New York.
• September: worked with Professor Pistoso, from the Università di Studi Orientali (University of Oriental Studies) in Bologna, studying a valuable codex belonging to Ethnologica. The codex, “Kulliyat”, dates back to the 16th century and is mentioned in the essay curated by Professors Bagni and Pistoso entitled “Poetica Medievale tra Oriente e Occidente” (Medieval Poetics in East and West).

• 20th January – 1st February: loaned works to and collaborated with the organisers of the “Oro. Il gioiello protagonista nei millenni” (Gold. Jewel of the millenniums) exhibition, held in Palazzo Albertini in Forlì.
• 19th May – 16th June: loaned a number of works to the “Tibet Perduto” (Lost Tibet) exhibition held in Palazzo Albertini in Forlì, in collaboration with “Casa del Tibet” and inaugurated by Professor Maraini.

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